Google may be working on a smart assistant for enterprise with HP


Google Now is one of Android’s killer features, but it pretty much only works for consumer purposes. For most people, that’s perfectly fine, but in Google’s eyes there is a huge, untapped market for a digital voice assistant for enterprise customers. According to a new report from The Information, Google may be working with HP to bring some type of Google Now for business onto smartphones.

The theory behind using Google Now in an enterprise is that it would be easy for an employee to use voice commands to check out company specific information like product inventory levels without having to manually search for and type things. It’s already easy to use Google Now to check the weather or sports scores, so it makes sense that if it could integrate into a business system, it could be a huge hit. If any company knows about business and enterprise systems, it’s definitely HP, so if this report is true Google picked a pretty solid partner.

The report also mentions that HP and Google may be looking to do something past software and may actually co-develop a Nexus device specifically for enterprise users. It’s definitely not the Nexus 6 that we’ve seen break cover so often recently, but with enterprise being a great market to break into, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Google/HP partnership does happen.

What are your thoughts on Google trying to compete for business consumers? Smart idea, or should they just stick with consumer products?

source: Business Insider

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  • Tom Dausy

    Would be great if Google Now could show me eg the reports and documents I need for my 2:00 PM meeting