Possible 10.3-inch Android TV box hits benchmark site


A recent addition to GFX Bench’s database includes the “Google Nexus Foo,” which seems to be causing quite a few of us in the tech community to be scratching our heads today.

At first, you’d think the 10.3-inch (Full HD 1080 x 1920) device is a tablet, but then when you see it runs Android Wear (KKWT), you’ll start to get a bit confused. The device has no touchscreen, no accelerometer, no barometer, no GPS, no compass, no gyroscope, no light sensor, no NFC,  or  no proximity sensor — only Bluetooth and WiFi are included.

None of this seems to make sense, unless the “Nexus Foo” is a prototype of an Android TV box. That’s what we’re going with for now, but stay tuned for more info on the “Nexus Foo.”

Via: Phone Arena
Source GFX Bench

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    As a geeky programmer, I see the word “foo” I have to respond with “bar” sorry.