Motorola Droid Pro may have root with Z4Root

According to some whisperings over at xda-developers, the new all-encompassing-Froyo-root app, “Z4Root”, seems to be working on the Motorola Droid Pro. According to Droid rooter “bigdinosaur”:

So I figured I’d at least get things started – Credit goes to whomever first tried z4root on their Droid Pro – and to mahst687 for the deodexing.

Lets Begin!

Motorola ADB Driver
Android SDK
xUltimate V2.2.2

You will also (obviously) need Z4Root, available through the Market or by clicking here.

The whole thing seems to be very “beta” at this point, but if you want to give it a shot, be sure to hit the thread at the source link below, as well as to get any kind of support for this. XDA does mention that “It looks like this will be more of a trial and error type of process”, but they say that the process seems to work after awhile. Let us know how it goes or what you think in the comments!

[via xda]