Unidentified Motorola box shows up at Verizon, model number is XT1096


What is inside that box? No one knows.. for now. Someone just needs to open it! What we do know, though, is that it belongs to Motorola and it is now in the hands of Verizon. Inside is some sort of device as the orange sticker attached explains that this is a pre-commercial unit that is not to be activated on any personal accounts and that the confidentiality of its contents is very high.

At the top, below Motorola’s name, is the model number for the device inside. It is XT1096. Is this the Moto X+1 or whatever the successor to the Moto X will be called? We do not know right now. Although, it could be another device that Motorola and Verizon are partnering to release. Remember, Motorola trademarked the Moto Maxx name and that combines names from a Motorola line and a Verizon handset.

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Source: Android Central

  • Marcus Summers

    Is it me, or does that box say xt1096?

    • Justin_Herrick

      Indeed it does. Looks like a completely neglected the “1” the first time around. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Marcus Summers

        No problem. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind (or my eyesight).