Android gobbles up 85 percent of global smartphone shipments in Q2 2014


According to new industry data from Strategy Analytics, Android is doing pretty well.

The numbers show that the operating system shipped on roughly 85 percent of all smartphones in Q2 2014 — the total shipments came out to 295 million units worldwide.

This can’t be good news for Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry, although their numbers are most likely much better when the statistics are including only American shipments.

To see the full report, hit the source link.

Source: Strategy Analytics

  • yentrog31

    Not good news for Apple? They reported a record June qtr with a record 35 million phones sold. ‘Apple iOS lost one point of share to Android because of its limited presence at the lower end of the smartphone market.’ Key word lower, as in profits.

    • Apostolos

      You do not see the bigger picture. Despite Apple is more profitable now, at that dropping market share, Google will soon get past it, and developers will soon follow.