64-bit support for Chrome now in beta for Windows users


If you’re running Windows on your computer, you’re in luck.

In Google’s most recent beta version of Chrome, the browser added 64-bit support. The support had been previously available in the Canary and developer editions of the browser, but it was a bit buggy.

Now, the capability is pretty solid (of course there will be a few hiccups), but this is the closest we’ve been to a stable 64-bit browser from Google. If you’re interested in getting the beta release, just head to the source link.

Source: Google Chrome

  • rebirthofcool

    64 bit computing will usher a seamless user experience on cross platforms

  • DarkWolffe

    I’m curious as to why this is in any way beneficial to me as a user.

    • Mick

      Much faster, more efficient, and as the person said below me, a seamless user experience across platforms.