Verizon allowing LG G3 owners to uninstall bloatware


Carriers in the United States are notorious for loading new devices with bloatware. Bloatware, for those unaware, includes the pesky applications that carriers have installed to greet users right out of the box. Unless you root the device, it is almost impossible to ditch any type of bloatware. Verizon, surprisingly, wants to change and is offering a way to remove bloatware.

They are starting with the brand new LG G3. Using Android’s built-in app manager will allow users to easily and quickly clean up the device. Ironically, Verizon’s very own apps can not be uninstalled even with this process. For now, it is unknown if the carrier will extend this capability to present or future devices; however, it is certainly a good sign to see Verizon of all carriers make this kind of decision.

Via: FierceWireless

  • Dan Kenney

    Great step, but it is the multitude of useless apps from Verizon that are the problem to begin with. I’d rather rid my phone of carrier bloat than the much smaller number of attached apps that I *might* actually use.