US Cellular to sell Galaxy Tab for $399 with a new contract

Rogers Samsung-Galaxy-Tab

Are you itching for a Galaxy Tab, but don’t want to go with one of the big carriers? Well, if US Cellular provides coverage in your area, you now have another option for nabbing what could turn out to be one of the biggest items this holiday season.

The carrier has announced that they will begin selling the Galaxy Tab for $399 (or $599 outright) with a new 2-year contract, beginning on November 19. Customers will then have two data plans to choose from: 200MB for $14.99 a month (ouch), or $54.99 for 5GB (ouch again). The later of the two does include mobile hotspot, but I really think a plan somewhere in the middle would have been a good option here.

With tablets being a relatively new thing for wireless providers, there’s bound to a few hiccups in terms of data plans. I firmly believe that as tablets become more common, the data plans will become far more reasonable.

[via AC]