The rear covers on Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S tablets are deforming due to processors overheating

overheat back

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S tablets offer some seriously nice displays, but it turns out the quality comes at a price.

According to Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru, the tablets’ processors heat up after heavy usage — which is not rare, however this heating up is causing a minor deformation of the rear cover. The above photo features a  Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with a damaged back.

It’s not known whether all of the Galaxy Tab S devices are having this issue, or even a majority of them — we’ll definitely keep you updated on this, as recalls may become a possibility if it becomes more than just a minor issue.

Are any of you seeing this on your new Tab S? Let us know in the comments.

Via: SamMobile
Source: Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru


  • rebirthofcool

    this is embarrassing for Samsung the tabS should have sport an aluminum backing simikar to the tab 7.7 instead of the heavily criticised ‘bandaid’ plastic undermining the excellent S.Amoled screen

  • black caviar

    My Tab S after 3 days could not read my sim nor sd cards after some pressure on
    it. In my case, whenever I squeeze the Tab S under my armpit , message appears that reset needed as sim card cannot be detected. It is now with Samsung Service Center as Samsung does not have a one for one exchange. I will remember this when I next purchase. My modrl is Tab S 8.4 lte.
    I have been using a Galaxy 7.7 for the last 2 years with no issues at all.
    My take is that the heat from the Tab S made the back plastic cover wobble, and qhen some pressure is applied to the Tab S, something inside was disturbed….im my case both the sim and sd card readers.
    Samsung should replce all Tab S with alluminium back casing before something goes really wrong, and someone gets hurt in the process.