Group photo of LG G3 models leaks, Verizon unsurprisingly makes noticeable changes


Which one of these devices is not like the others? The Verizon model, of course. You are looking at the different carrier models for the upcoming LG G3. While each has implemented carrier branding here and there, Verizon has gone ahead and revamped LG’s 2014 flagship. The color is noticeably darker and the rear button setup has been altered to resemble what was done with last year’s G2 with chrome trims. On the front, too, Big Red has made changes. The chin of the G3 is now black , which matches their unique design of the back panel.

Is Verizon’s branding and changes holding you back from purchasing the LG G3? Or are you on another carrier and intend on jumping on this device?

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

  • GreatNews

    Verizon are just idiots! Period!

  • Kevin Baca

    Don’t like the branding but don’t really notice it on my vz g2. I prefer the black chin, it makes it more symmetrical.

  • SnushBush

    I have been looking forward to two things.

    1. The G3
    2. My Verizon contract to expire

    I’m glad my G3 won’t be a Verizon one….

  • Chris Mitchell

    Ughhhh! Verizon!!! Why?!?!?!

  • demill66

    WTF. Why do they have to ruin a perfectly designed phone??

  • Being Real

    So Verizon does not want sheep? They want people who can be themselves and stand out from the crowd. How do sheep figure that those little color changes make a difference? Go buy a generic case and it will fit any of the G3 models. So nothing has moved and only the color changed. Me? I will stick with Verizon since I treat the customer service with respect and they really help me and I get great coverage. Whiners who hate Verizon..or any carrier are usually much more at fault than the carriers anyway. Like why should a carrier babysit you and hold your hand when you know you have minute or data limits. The tools are there for you to monitor yourself. But you can’t be bothered. Do you blame the car dealer because you ran out of gas?

  • Howard

    Verizon is hated for this very reason. I left Verizon for this reason. They tell OEMs what to do and force unwanted changes. Who wants a carrier that dictates to OEMs and customers? I dont. They neither have the latest devices nor allow their customers freedom. I went with AT&T when all the congestion due to iphone moved over to Verizon and am very happy. You should be too. Verizon should feel ashamed over the control they insist upon having

  • Howard

    Being Real, your argument is not credible. Wake up to the reality of what I said. If you believe in being locked in his walled garden of carrier control then go ahead. I don’t.

    • Being Real

      Interesting that you attempted to validate your statement by generalities. Other than the color, what differences are there? You want the same as everyone one else? Be a sheep. Some people are more comfortable that way. Verizon devices are released a little after other carriers..true. Not much though. I asked a few reps about this. Verizon has different standards. I can buy that. You, and others, seem to forget that all of the companies are “for profit.” They are not there to coddle to you or anyone else. I will say that in my experience, Verizon was more willing to work with me and my friends better than other carriers. Sprint and T-Mobile just wanted to pay me off rather than fix issues. Getting a credit was not the answer. Service is. At&t would be ok if the quality of service was as consistent and the 4G LTE coverage was available in as many areas. I am still trying to find the control issues you speak of. If you are talking of all have some of it. If you are worried that your phone color is not like everyone else’s..that is really sad.