New LG device, possibly the LG G3 Mini, shows up in FCC filing with AT&T compatibility


Following the market in producing flagship devices followed by both “prime” versions and “mini” versions, LG has been working on a smaller variant of the LG G3 which has been identified as either the LG G3 Mini or the LG G3 Beat. Although there is some speculation that two distinct, smaller versions of the G3 exist with either a 4.5-inch or 5.0-inch screen, what is clear is the LG will be producing a version of their flagship that they hope appeals to buyers who don’t want a large 5.5-inch screen. A new variant surfaced recently in a filing with the FCC with compatibility with AT&T’s LTE bands.

According to the data in the FCC filing the device submitted, which carries model number LG-D725, has a 127.0 mm display which corresponds to a 5-inch display. In China, the 5-inch version of the LG G3 went by the “Beat” model name when released. These two instances of a 5-inch display, one now selling in China and the other passing through the U.S. FCC suggest earlier reports of a 4.5-inch display may have been incorrect or for some other device.

While no information has surfaced yet regarding availability or other carriers in the U.S., it seems likely it will not be a long wait for the device to be available in the U.S. market. The question still remains as to whether LG can achieve more success with this “mini” version of a flagship device compared to their last attempt with the LG G2 Mini.

source: FCC
via: G for Games