GO Weather 5 released to Play Store with special offer to get Premium version free


If the weather apps that were recently reviewed by TalkAndroid did not strike the right chord with you, a new version of GO Weather may be just what you are looking for. The makers of the popular GO Launcher have released an updated version of their standalone weather app, GO Weather, taking it up to version 5.0. The new version comes with a redesigned user interface to improve the user experience.

The app promises the usual assortment of weather related functions like radar maps, satellite images, weather reports, and a variety of widgets. Being from GO Launcher EX, it should be no surprise the app is theme-able with over 1,000 already available. The update adds a new, “gravity sensor” dynamic background, a Weather sidebar, a new font, and some fixes from the previous version.

To celebrate the launch of the new version, users can get the Premium version for free from July 4th – 6th. The Premium version removes ads, includes a probability of precipitation forecast, 24-hour and 10-day detailed forecasts, and special widget themes only available for the Premium version. To take advantage of the special deal, grab the free version using the download links below. Then open the app, head to the Sidebar Menu -> Settings -> About GO Weather EX -> Enter Code, using either appsales or appszoom for the code.

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  • Reg Keirstead

    The update looks very good and send stable as well. I look forward to testing the widgets as well

  • Andrew Grosner

    I’m very surprised no one can see the resemblance to the yahoo weather apo

  • Kerry