Google Play Music gets updated with UI tweaks and Android TV support


Google’s Play Music app is getting an update with a handful of small tweaks, bringing it up to version 5.6. It’s not a complete material design update, but it does include some new UI changes that bring it closer to Android L’s design language. You’ll see a new toggle in the sidebar for viewing downloaded music, as well as the circular account switcher that we’re seeing in plenty of newer Android apps.

Under the hood, Play Music has (sort of) changed how many authorized devices you can have on your account. You’ll still be able to activate 10 devices with your Google account, but only 5 of them can be smartphones. The last 5 can be any combination of tablets and streaming devices, but smartphones are getting a bit more restricted. Speaking of streaming devices, this update adds in support for casting to Android TV. They’re not widely available, but it’s good to see Google jumping on the ball immediately.

As always with Google apps, expect this update to roll out over the next few days.

source: Android Police

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