Google comes to the rescue, offers $150 in credits for Verizon / Chromebook Pixel debacle


Yesterday, it was reported that Verizon decided to kill off the 2-year offer of 100mb per month of 4G LTE that was given to many Chromebook Pixel owners. For whatever reason, they cut it off at the 1-year mark leaving owners hanging. Well leave it to Google to come to the rescue. They are offering a credit of $150 to all those who bought the Chromebook Pixel when the deal was offered.

“While this particular issue is outside of our control, we appreciate that this issue has inconvenienced some of our users,” a Google spokesperson said.

The credits will come in the form of Visa gift cards, so I guess the good news is that you don’t have to use these funds to buy data if you don’t need it.

In the meantime, Verizon made this announcement…..“We understand that some Chromebook Pixel customers may have lost their promotional data, 100MB a month for two years, early, We apologize for this and are working on a solution for those customers.” Seriously Verizon?

source: Computerworld

  • wekebu

    Class act Google! Shame on you Verizon…and yet people flock to them.

  • Dann

    What is wrong with u people go to T Mobile get a free data up 500 my

    • Tubsy

      Huh? What does “free data up 500 my” mean?