‘Prime’ phones could be in LG’s future


It’s amazing how many times we hear the “Prime” name for smartphones, but they never seem to actually get used. We had the Nexus Prime a few years ago, the premium version of the Galaxy S 5 is supposed to be the Galaxy S 5 Prime, and we even had the HTC One (M8) Prime, not to mention the One (M9) Prime. Now it appears LG wants to use the same name, but they actually trademarked it along with letters that could signify future smartphones.

According to records found at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, LG has trademarked G Prime, F Prime, L Prime, and W Prime. We can only assume they will be used for phones since they already offer a G, F, and L series. We presume the W series to be Windows-related phones.

Will these names ever get used? That is anyone’s guess. The USPTO has a bunch of stuff on file that was never used so this could very well end up in that pile, or your next phone could be the G Prime.

source: USPTO
via: PhoneArena