1Password app gets major update


If you are in need of a password manager that will work on your Android device, you may want to check out 1Password from AgileBits. The developers have released an updated version that received a major facelift compared with the old version. This new version is such a major change that anyone with the old version will not be able to update their app, they have to install this completely new version.

Like other password manager services, 1Password lets you store your passwords and other critical or sensitive information securely behind a single password needed to access the app. 1Password can be used to automatically fill in login information when visiting web sites or other services and will lock itself back up after use. Using Dropbox integration, 1Password will make your passwords available across your devices and multiple platforms.

According to the Play Store listing for 1Password, access to Premium features are available for everyone who installs the app through August 1st. However, it is not clear exactly which features are “Premium” nor is any pricing information provided should someone want to stick with Premium at the end of the trial version.

You can grab this new version of 1Password using the download links after the gallery.

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Google Play Download Link

  • Kees de Bruin

    When running the app the first time they say that adding, editing are premium features. Not too important for me as all I want is access to my passwords.