Motorola Alert now available for Moto X and Moto G


When Motorola announced their low-budget Motorola Moto E smartphone, one of the new apps they released at the same time was Motorola Alert. The Motorola Alert app has a dual purpose – it can track the location of a device and send a notification when certain places are reached and it can be used to trigger a virtual call for help via automated notifications.

Motorola indicated the app would eventually be available for other devices they produce. True to their word, the app is now available for additional devices including the Moto X and the Moto G. It does appear that Motorola Alert requires Android 4.4.3, so your Moto device will need to be updated to use the app.

You can get Motorola Alert using the links below.

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Google Play Download Link

  • nailer1

    motorola alert for moto x……yea right, just scanned the the above link with my 2nd gen moto x and was told that the app was not compatable with my phone. 10 million downloads, what could possibly be wrong with that 10 million served total.