Samsung dips supply chain orders on Galaxy S5 for Q3 by 25 percent



Uh oh.

This can’t be good. Some might have foreseen a blip in sales for Samsung’s Galaxy S5, but not many people may have expected this.

According to reports from Taiwan, Samsung has cut its supply chain orders on the Galaxy S5 by 25% for this quarter (Q3 2014). 21 million units were put on order last quarter while 15 million were ordered this quarter.

There are a number of factors that could go into this. For one, the phone is getting older. There’s no doubt that as a model ages, sales go down. That’s inevitable. There are simply always going to be newer and better models from competitors (or even Samsung itself) on the market. One of those competitors includes Apple, which is preparing the iPhone 6 for launch. Could consumers be holding off buying their new smartphones until the new iPhone is unveiled?

We’ll know soon enough, as the numbers never lie.


  • Libereightme

    I held off on the S5 because I was disappointed with the hardware choices Samsung made, and the rumors of an upcoming Prime model and LG G3 which had the hardware I wanted. Hopefully, the S5 Prime will live up to it’s billing.

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  • Major_Pita

    This would make sense if the Galaxy 5 was just a ‘place holder’ to fill in until a 64 bit Galaxy Prime rolls out.