AT&T offering $50 of Google Play credit after purchasing new phone or tablet with new contract

google play att deal

Well folks, the title says it all.

AT&T will be giving away $50 of Google Play credit to customers who purchase a new phone or tablet (with a new 2 year contract) from now until June 17.

After you purchase a new device, you’ll have to redeem a code. From that point, the code will expire on May 15, 2015. You’ll have to have (or create) a Google Wallet account before you redeem the code, though. The cool thing about the deal is that you can purchase up to 10 new devices and you’ll get the $50 credit on all of them, so you can buy new phones for the whole family.

It is an online only deal though, so make sure you don’t make your orders through the store if you want to take advantage of the deal.

Source: AT&T

  • Grk

    It says with a new 2 year contract. What i learned is that it is only offered to NEW customers. Misleading.

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