LG’s G3 does indeed contain metal — some metal, at least


Plastic or metal? Metal or plastic?

There’s been an ongoing debate on whether LG’s upcoming G3 contains any metal in its body, or whether it’s only a plastic device.

Well LG has confirmed today that there actually is some metal materials in the body, but unfortunately it’s on the inside, so you can’t see it. In other words, it’s not part of the exterior, opposite of what we see on the HTC One M8.

Most of the back cover is made of polycarbonate (the long-rumored matte finish that will keep fingerprints away from the G3’s exterior) but it does have a very thin film of real metal below the polycarbonate.

It’s not much news, but it does clear up some of the rumors on the exterior of the phone.

Source: Phone Arena

  • msk

    “a very thin film of real metal” -> aluminum foil.

  • Guillaume

    Who cares???