WatchESPN, MLS Matchday, Google+ Photos, and Crunchyroll support Chromecast


Today, four new applications have added Chromecast support to their feature set. The WatchESPN app and Google+ Photos app are the two that users were demanding the most. WatchESPN lets users stream content from the ESPN family of networks. Live sports programming, such as the upcoming World Cup or NBA Finals, and studio programming like SportsCenter can all be watched through the WatchESPN app and casted over to the television. As for Google+ Photos, users can cast photographs from the Photos view of Google+. That easy.

Another sports app adding Chromecast support is MLS Matchday. Unsurprisingly, users can watch games with Major League Soccer teams and even the United States Men’s National Team. And a video app added Chromecast support as well. Crunchyroll is taking its 25,000+ videos to the big screen (of your home) with Chromecast. No need for streaming on your laptop, just use Chromecast.

Hit the break for a quick ad featuring WatchESPN on Chromecast.

Source: Google Chrome Blog