According to design lead, a metal LG G3 would cost $300 more

LG G3 colors

The much anticipated LG G3 was officially unveiled last week, but despite rumors suggesting that the device would feature a metal body the device ended up being made of plastic.

LG‘s Vice President of Mobile Design, Chul Bae Lee, recently spoke on the subject, saying there were a number of reasons for using plastic instead of the metal. The first of those reasons being that the device would cost $300 more.

While we still don’t know the official price of the device, it has popped up on a number of pre-order sites with a price of £499.

Other reasons for the device not including a metal body include the fact that the metal body would not meet certain design requirements. In fact, using metal would have meant that device would be a lot bigger and bulkier than it is.

Source: Trusted Reviews


  • jack

    I guess this just makes you appreciate the engineering team at HTC. Not saying the G3 is bad at all. It looks like an amazing phone.