Redesigned dialer app introduced in Android 4.4.3


The factory images of Android 4.4.3 were posted earlier today, and there are a few changes in the new operating system. One of those changes is the new, refreshed dialer app.

The interface of the new app now features some of the lighter colors and qualities that we’ve seen in other recent Google app updates. The color scheme is now blue, black, grey and white, and the action bar at the top of the app is now blue rather than grey. Google itself has said that this year they would be shifting their focus to design, and some major changes are expected to be revealed at this years Google I/O.

Source: 9to5Google

  • jack

    Design, animations and battery life is what the Android team should be focusing on. They’ve done a hell of a job so far though

  • mike

    hopefully it doesn’t take 5 seconds to launch like it does on many devices. I suppose this also means Samsung is busy figuring out a way to ruin the experience

  • fredphoesh

    thank GOD. the 4.4.2 letters on the dialler are INVISIBLE to normal eyes… so light and small…