Google adds permissions shortcut to Play Store listings


The Google Play Store has undergone several updates within the past few weeks, all of them welcome additions. Now, Google has added an option to view the permissions an application requires within the “Additional Information” section of the app’s Play Store page.

You may be thinking that Google already shows this information to you right before you install the application, so whats the big deal? While this may be true, this addition makes you feel slightly less pressured to install or purchase the application after viewing the permissions.

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While it is a very minor addition, it certainly has some underlying meaning. With this minor implementation, Google is trying to make users feel as comfortable as possible while browsing for applications. Knowing what personal data an app can access is absolutely essential and being able to access this information as conveniently and as comfortably as possible will only make the experience that much more enjoyable.

It is important to note that this change is only within the web version of the Google Play Store. The mobile version still requires a tap on the install icon to view the permissions.

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  • Chris

    Could this have something to do with this “App Ops” coming, officially? I hope so… Then I can have facebook installed but limit the damn thing.

    • ShapesBlue5

      App Ops was never official for one.