New LG G Watch leaks include possible boot animation, cellular option


As we witnessed during the month of May leading up to LG’s unveiling of the LG G3, the company does not seem to mind an increasing cacophony of leaks and rumors about their devices. We are definitely starting to see that trend take shape with regard to the LG G Watch, slated to be the first Android Wear device to hit the market, possibly by July in some parts of the world. The latest bits of info to surface on the rumor mill involve a possible USIM-equipped version and some graphics, including a boot animation, for the device.

First up, the LG U Plus web site for the South Korean carrier lists a new device, the LG-W120L. The “W” in the model name is consistent with previous G Watch devices, suggesting this new device is in the same series of devices. According to an FCC entry, the US version of the G Watch has model number LG-W100. The numbering does not seem to be consistent with this being a successor to the original G Watch, but more likely a variant. LG supposedly is working on a version of the G Watch that will come with USIM to provide 3G connectivity. That concept would be consistent as being a variant of the base version.

The other bit of news comes to us via Twitter tipster @UpLeaks. They have uncovered several watch faces that they claim are for the LG G Watch. The watch faces show a variety of digital and analog formats along with colorful backgrounds. Even more exciting that these static images is a video allegedly of the boot animation for the G Watch which you can check out below.

How big a splash do you think LG will make with the G Watch?

source: @Upleaks, MyLG
via: G for Games

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