You can now save all your Spotify tracks for offline playback with just one tap


If you’re a Spotify user, you might be happy to know that you can now save all your tracks (up to 3,333  songs) for offline playback. Android users already have the capability after receiving the mandatory security update we told you about last week. iOS users will need to download the update via the App Store.

This new feature includes an “Available Offline” toggle within the Songs tab. Just tap it, and all your saved songs will be downloaded to your device, and you will be able to listen to them without a data connection. There does appear to be a limit of 3,333 songs, but I think that should be enough. If you never tried Spotify, then hit the break for download links.

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  • alex13

    this article is misleading because you still need to have premium account to do that

  • Deana Hensley

    They should let u know u need to pay for the premium app to download offline the free version DOES NOT allow u to do so.

  • egidiotx

    Since when does “all” equal 3,333? Please!

  • jason

    Pay for premium you freeloaders.