HTC to offer Amber Gold HTC One (M8) for $99 on-contract for one day

HTC One M8 Gold

When HTC first introduced the HTC One (M8), some carriers offered two-for-one deals making the effective price of the device only $99. The caveat was you had to be willing to spring for two along with two-year contracts for each device. If you only needed one phone for yourself though, you were out of luck as far as deals went. HTC is going to give those buyers who only needed one device an opportunity to get similar pricing, but only if they are willing to buy the Amber Gold version of the phone.

On Friday, May 30th, HTC will be selling the HTC One (M8) for $99 on-contract, which is half of the regular on-contract price. The sale starts at 12:01 am Central time and can be accessed using the source link. HTC did a similar sale earlier this month for Mother’s Day, but buyers could choose any of the available colors. We expect this sale will also be like last time and exclude T-Mobile since they no longer do contracts.

source: HTC

  • Alex

    What is the benefit of buying through HTC for the $100 price over buying it for $100 from Verizon (the current price there)? I’m just curious if the version from HTC will come with less bloatware or anything?