Gmail interface redesign hinted at in leaked images

Gmail UI redesign

Not too long before Google pushed out an update revamping the Google+ interface, Yoel Kaseb was responsible for leaking some images of what the interface update would look like. While there were some tiny details that weren’t correct, his images were pretty accurate for the most part. Today, Kaseb is teasing a few more images showing a new interface for another one of Google’s big products: Gmail.

These four images show Gmail taking some design cues from the Google+ update, including a rounded compose button, and it looks as if the side bar has disappeared from the interface in favor of the dropdown menu. The last update in Google+ did away with the sidebar in favor of the dropdown menu, so there’s a pretty good chance that’s going to be one of Google’s design elements going forward.

As always, these are still leaks, so nothing’s been officially confirmed. But with how accurate Kaseb was before G+ was updated, how close do you think this design will be to what Google eventually releases?

source: Yoel Kaseb

via: Android Authority

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