Amazon Prime Instant Video adds several HBO shows to its catalog, HBO Go for Fire TV still on the way


We knew Amazon and HBO had inked a deal that would bring HBO content to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, and that day is finally here. You can finally start streaming full series like The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, and Rome, plus a handful of others, and you’ll get access to some seasons of current shows like True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Treme. Miniseries like Band of Brothers and The Pacific are available, and there’s even a few HBO movies, too. Toss in some HBO documentaries and comedy specials and you’ve got a ton of great content to stream through Amazon’s already excellent video service.

Unfortunately, you won’t get all of HBO’s current content, and some shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, and The Newsroom are missing. However, Amazon and HBO are working on bringing more and more content to the service over the next few years, so just because it’s not available now doesn’t mean it will never be available.

The press release also mentions that HBO Go will be coming to Amazon’s Fire TV later this year. That was mentioned in the original deal between the two companies, so it’s nice to hear some reassurance that they haven’t forgotten about it. For the full press release, hit the link below.

source: Amazon

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