Motorola Droid Running Flash Player 10.1 Video

Flash player 10.1 Motorola DroidLast week Adobe released a demo video showing their Flash Player 10.1 software up and running on the Google Nexus One. Well this week it’s the turn of the popular Motorola Droid to receive the same Flash treatment.

In newly released footage, Adobe’s Adrian Ludwig showcases Flash Player 10.1 running well on the Droid with the Android 2.0 software.

When compared to the Nexus One and Android 2.1, the Droid’s Flash video playback does seem to stutter a little bit more than the N1, whether this is down to the 2.0 software remains to be seen.

Flash Player 10.1 is expected to be released for the Google Nexus One in the first half of 2010

  • Mike

    Great…Android 2.0. It’s great to see that all the newest phones will get Flash whilst those that bought phones with Android six months ago and are stuck on 1.5 (no, they won’t be upgraded) will have to buy brand new phones to get anything new for our phones. Thanks Google…

  • Jeremy

    Actually you can upgrade you’re OS right now.. Google it, root you’re phone, copy the file to the root of you’re memory card, run the key combination on boot and update you’re OS.. Easy as that.

  • Android

    Any updates on when the Flash would be available for the Milestone?

  • Porter

    I’m very much looking forward to 10.1 on mobile devices, I’m considering getting a smart phone now that this is on it’s way.

  • cluck

    Does anybody can tell me how to downlod flash to my new droid?

  • jeffrey296

    I agree; does anybody know if they actually released the flash player for download yet? I have the latest update w/Android 2.1.

  • richard

    You cant download it yet, Flash 10.1 is not out yet. We have to wait until it is released, then we can download it through the Adobe website most likely.

  • Juan

    Where can i get the beta file to test the flash player in my droid?

  • rob

    Well, it is almost the end of april…and still no flash player?
    I just got my droid after holding out for a long time and I cant see half the video content on the web.
    Heck my old motorola flip phone would somehow show flash video…..

  • Debi

    I would like to at least have the beta version. The primary reason I bought the Droid is that I was led to believe Flash would released “soon,” and that was almost six months ago.

  • Dwight

    Flash won’t be here tell the end of 2010 or the first half of 2011.

  • arg

    ARRRGGGH! I want my flash, wtf, they demo’d this 5 months ago!!

    gimme gimme gimme!!!

  • clare

    Has it been releases if so where can I get it?

  • happy lipshitz

    Nig nogs!

  • Daniel

    Seriously……..when is the flash player coming out for the Droid Motorola? Ive waited almost half a year ever since that demo……I’m pissed now……they’re probally just teasing us….

  • jimmy

    I think, since they r comin out with that droid x. They r givin up on their previous droid. The droid x has the flash player.

  • Nathan

    I called Verizon 2 days ago and asked about flash for my Moto Droid, and the answer I got was, “We are expecting it within the next couple weeks, hopefully a month at the most.” I asked, “So I can expect it before September?” And he replied, “That’s the plan.”

    Look forward to it, it does appear to be coming still :)

  • Raju Arora

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  • Raju Arora

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  • Brad

    I been reading blogs and people have been saying they have flash for moto droid since they got update for phone. How do you get it….. please help

  • Mike

    i just got the update on my rooted droid, but when i got it it took the root away…

  • Chiren

    Is it out yet? I can’t wait to get it installed on my phone

  • Frank E

    It is out – take the 2.2 update for your Moto Droid and then download flash from the marketplace.

    Who wants an iphone…

  • Weber Genesis Series

    It’s a good news that Motorola has actually an application in their Motorola Droid that could run a Flash Player. Now I want to have a Moto Droid.

  • Nano Silver

    Finally! It’s about time, I’d say. I’ve been patiently waiting for this. So exciting. Uploading app now.