OnePlus CEO Peter Lau explains how the One costs just $299


The OnePlus One costs just $299 without a contract. At that price, it is still a handset with respectable specifications. So how can OnePlus do such a thing? It is quite simple. The amount of intermediaries is so small for the company. They go right to the consumer.

OnePlus CEO Peter Lau says that “Rather than put money towards a large marketing budget, we are focusing on online marketing and community interaction.” With this, the OnePlus One is available just through them and not another retailer. So no additional cost has to be past on.

Do you plan on buying a OnePlus One?

Source: TechRadar

  • jack

    ugh, why does it have to be 5.5 inches!! I’m not a phablet guy

    • yippiedad

      It’s called a tablone…
      If it was any smaller I would never consider it. I got used to my Note 3 so now 5″ phones feel tiny. To me it’s the LCD screen I’m concerned about. I would miss the true blacks of the AMOLED screen on my Note 3 – I can’t stand the light bleeding LCDs…

      • jack

        I agree. I really wish more companies would adopt AMOLED screens. If Motorola’s next phone is 5′ 1080p and keeps the AMOLED, I’m all in with them.

        • yippiedad

          I thought you didn’t want a large phone, but now you’re okay with a phone with a 60 inch screen as long as it’s AMOLED?

  • Jee

    If it didn’t lack the microSD, I would so buy this phone!

    • miguelm75

      do you really need an additional space on 64GB version? come on… also: Dropbox, MEGA, Box, Sugarsync etc.

      • Jee

        Maybe? It’s a personal preference. And realistically, I wouldn’t buy the phone or any new phone because I have an S4. And I didn’t say the phone was horrible. It just be a lot more favorable for me if it had expanded storage.

  • mankulito

    in my fuckin small ass country i can only dream about it.

  • a2b2

    How do I get One:) seriously interested.