Fake Samsung Galaxy S shown running iOS 4?

Update: So we’ve received quite a few comments in a short span of time saying that this is nothing but an iPhone 4 with a Galaxy S sticker on it. Perhaps that is the case, but nevertheless, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

There seems to be a very high quality Galaxy S KIRF in the wild running what looks like iOS 4, or perhaps a very heavily modified version of Android? It COULD be a further customized version of the MIUI ROM (see photo below), but whatever it is, it has all the aspects of iOS 4 down to a tee.

Whatever it is, you kind of have to see it to believe it. The video shows the user navigating through some menus, photos, and playing a few games like Angry Birds. Continue reading after the break to check out the video for yourself, and be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

[via TheiLoop]

  • http://www.leecasey.com LeeCasey

    that looks like a fake fake galaxy s lol. ie. an iPhone 4 made to look like a fake galaxy s running ios4.

  • blate

    it’s iphone 4.. with fake buttons and false logo.

  • noah

    Fastest debunking ever

  • jeff

    Are you serious? could you not see this is just an iphone 4 with galaxy stickers on it?

  • nicandris

    it’s just an iphone 4 with a galaxy S sticker and two more buttons stickers

  • spyder

    I dont understand why stuff like this gets published ,espcially pictures like this, I mean how easy is it lets say for example make it look like a galaxy s is running iOS4. All you would have to do is grap an image shot from the iphone and edit it abit and transfer the picture onto the the galaxy and there you go

  • Pincherdemus

    s obvious; tnis iphone guy wants a Galaxy S.

  • Pincherdemus

    It’s obvious; this iphone guy wants a Galaxy S.

  • jeff

    If OP was serious, i may have to reconsider my bookmarking of this site.
    Maybe it was just a joke? Maybe?

  • Durk

    lool its a iphone 4 you can see it on the side of the phone .. its has iphone buttons… so its fake XD

  • Steve

    Lmao if any of these guys that played part in posting this article knew anything about galaxy phones is that none of them have galaxy logo’s on the front, samsung logo on front galaxy s on rear. That’s I’d the iphone volume buttons weren’t give away enough for you

  • http://mata me

    in the first picture theres a fake iphone with stickers on it …or maybe it isnt fake i dont know and in the second picture its actually an android rom called MIUI wich has verry little resemblences with the iphone so its not a clone of the ios.. i just wanted to see if ios can run on samsung galaxy s not some fake chineese bullshit