According to the IDC, tablet sales are steadily declining


According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), tablet sales have showed a significant decrease for this years Q1 sales as compared to 2013’s Q1 sales. We’ll use Apple and Samsung as examples considering they are by far the two largest tablet distributors in the world. During Q1 of this year Apple shipped 16.4 million units and Samsung had 11.2 million, which is a bit down for Apple compared last years Q1 as Apple had 19.5 million shipped and Samsung actually gained at 8.5 million.

Obviously there’s a lot that factors into this, with the craze of tablets finally a couple years in, are people now just tired of them? Or perhaps there’s no reason to buy another now that most have gotten one already either from this past Christmas or the previous. Or it also looks like Samsung may have stolen a chunk of Apple’s tablet market share, and this trend could certainly be continuing for the foreseeable future. My guess is the tablet craze has died down a bit and perhaps it’ll take something revolutionary and innovative for it to go back up again.

What do you guys think? Do most people not care about tablets anymore, or was it just a mere fad during its heightened popularity? Let us know!

source: IDC

  • RMI

    40.2%,not 40.2 million! Same error with Samsung

    • Mackster248

      Thanks for the correction, it has been fixed! I probably shouldn’t be writing this late. :P

  • t

    You’re confusing market share with unit shipped. Infact Samsung are selling more (according to these figures)

  • tt

    yeah. you should correct article. you are looking at the wrong column for the 2013 shipments.

  • ttt

    I think sales should get a boost if they increase the functionality of office products and other productivity apps. I am always debating between a netbook or tablet…

  • Tom G

    Your headline is flat wrong, there is no decline, but rather a 3.9% increase.

  • Kimberly Hill Knox

    With smartphones advancing, the need for a tablet is decreasing. I’m a Note 3 user, I also have the Samsung Note Tablet. With this said, I barley use the tablet anymore considering the ability of my phone. The same goes for the Galaxy S4, S5.