Check out the latest news on Google’s attempt to expand Google Fiber


Earlier this year, we reported that Google had 34 cities in mind to expand their Google Fiber product. While we’re almost mid-way through the year, we haven’t heard much of their progress until today. According to Google, they have actually been busy in preparations to prepare Google Fiber for those said cities. Google is currently working through a “checklist” on what needs to be done and almost finished. One of the main things that Google still needs to accomplish in order to come through with their promise would be getting approval from several city councils in regards to its “fiber huts” which would house thousands of glass fibers to coordinate the network.

This is certainly good news and I’m eager for Google to expand Fiber, as I’m sure you are too. Check out the source link below for the official blog post from Google pertaining to this.

source: Google Fiber Blog

  • yippiedad

    …but I’m still waiting for Google Fiber to roll out in Austin. I really hope they get things rolling soon.

  • SpiderDan

    Well no point me worrying about it.. The way thing are in Australia, we’ll still be using the decrepit Telstra copper network in the year 3000. I’ll be long dead and burried by the time Australia catches up! Sorry for not being overjoyed by the fact that the rest of the (first) world is getting fiber networks…

    • Mackster248

      Is internet really slow in AUS? :(

      • SpiderDan

        It depends a lot on where you live and how far away you are from the local ADSL exchange. You can get pretty good speed if you’re willing to be up in the early hours of the morning when the isn’t a whole heap of internet trafic in the local area. At peak times it’s hopeless. My email client times out trying to receive email and web pages are very slow.

        The fastest speed I have ever seen where I live is 1.5 Mb/s downlink. Generally though the speed is much slower than that.

        Mind you, we get charged for 25Mb/s connections and we’re lucky if we get one of those! :(