Motorola does own version of HTC Sense “Scenes” and Sprint ID with “Profiles” on Droid Pro

If you’ve got an HTC Android device running HTC’s Sense overlay, then chances are you’re pretty familiar with “Scenes”. The feature allows you to have different homescreen layout for different situations, such as work, play, driving, weekdays, etc..

Now, it looks like Motorola is following suit with their Droid Pro, and adding waht they’re calling “Profiles”. In a video (which you can view after the break) released by Motorola, they show off how you can set up different profiles for home, work, and weekend.

It’s always good to have more customization options on our devices, and we hope that the new feature on the Droid Pro is able to take off. Again, hit the break to check out the video, and let us know what you think in the comments below.