Here’s what the upcoming Amazon smartphone is going to look like


It appears the Amazon smartphone is getting closer and closer to reality. We now have the best picture yet of the device, which means it will probably be announced within the next month or so. From the picture obtained by BGR, the phone appears to have influences from the iPhone and Samsung. That home button has Samsung written all over it. Both the power button and volume rocker are on the left side, which is unusual, but not a big deal.

The phone is expected to sport a 4.7-inch 720p display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, and six cameras to support its 3D capabilities. Amazon also might offer their own data service through AT&T called Amazon Prime Data.

Is anyone looking forward to this phone? It’s definitely intriguing, but will it set the world on fire? No pun intended.

source: BGR

  • Ricky blaze

    Nice looking build quality, but it looks like an iPhone. ;-;

  • Justin_Herrick

    If Amazon does some of its magical pricing, maybe. But I don’t think the Kindle Fire tablet model will work on a smartphone. There just does not seem to be a reason for it on a phone when someone can just get the same stuff and more from unforked Android or iOS.

  • Christa Mae

    I’m really interested to see the official announcement from Amazon. I’m up for renewal in July, and this is definitely a contending device for me to upgrade to, assuming Amazon has done it right :)