Google Voice Suffers Outage – Again!

It looks as though Google Voice suffered another outage earlier today for approximately 45 minutes. Many Google Voice users as a result were unable to make calls, send or receive texts, or check their accounts online. Attempts to access the Google Voice accounts page via web showed a “502” error preventing access as well as issues connecting from desktop clients.

Google Voice is working now, but there hasn’t been any real statement from Google explaining what the issue was to begin with. We hope that Google can issue something, as we don’t know which mobile networks were affected, or if it was a total GV outage.

We’ll let you know here, as soon as we get word!

[via BGR]

  • Joe Jimbob

    Looks like Google Voice is suffering again right now (Nov. 8 2010, 6:20 PM EST). Outgoing texts are not getting delivered.

  • Ballstonian

    Google Voice is down in the DC area right now . . . (2010-11-11 @ 13:11 ET). Seems to affect calling into the account and most features on the Web account access pages.

  • Ww

    looks like it’s down now

    • Mike


  • aaronwball

    Down for me too.

  • aaronwball

    Ah. Looks like it’s back online.

  • Pignanelli

    And now, Mon, Nov 28, at 10am EST.  I recieved a few calls successfully (through the browser plugin), but the account page shows only a header, so you can’t read or make texts, see old calls, get messages, etc.