The Kyocera Brigadier coming to Verizon sometime soon


There’s a trade off to having a rugged phone. Usually that trade off consists of having a phone that’s ugly as hell. Sadly, if evleaks is correct — and the famous leaker usually is — Kyocera is continuing that trend with its Brigadier phone. Slated for Verizon, the device is an unknown entity at the moment. We just know the name and where it’s going. We can see from the leaked images that it will come with LTE and will have physical buttons. Other than that, it’s a real mystery.

source: evleaks

  • Diego Hernández Breña

    Well… At least it has front-facing speakers, lol.

  • Zeus

    I don’t think that’s ugly at all. It sets itself apart from every other smart phone design, that has been ripped off from Applesung. If I’m getting a rugged phone, I want it to look rugged. And this lil’ guy right here, looks rugged!