Verizon Galaxy S 5 owners experiencing ‘Camera Failed’ issue


If you own a Verizon Galaxy S 5, you may have noticed a “Camera Failed” popup when trying to use the camera. If so, you are not alone. There seems to be no consistency with why this is happening or even what could remedy it. Some believe it’s the SnapChat application, but from what I am seeing, this appears to be a software issue that will only be fixed with a firmware update.

Unfortunately, once the popup appears, you might not be able to use the camera at all. For some, it happens at limited times. Users have tried factory resets, cache clearing, third party camera apps, and pulling the SD card with limited to no success.

You can request a replacement unit, but some stores are denying them since they have experienced a number of returns regarding this issue. That means they know it’s a software issue that can only be fixed with an update.

Have you experienced this? If so, any luck rectifying it or at least some sort of workaround? Please make sure to comment below.

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  • jay

    My Verizon HTC m8 gave Me that error once. Hope it doesn’t happen again