Images of rumored redesigned Google+ app leak

Google Plus update 1

We’ve heard rumors of an interface redesign for many of Google’s core apps, including Gmail and the calendar app, so it makes sense that a redesign would follow to the Google+ app. Some leaked screenshots from Yoel Kaseb on G+ show the app in action, and although he said the app is pretty unstable as is, I doubt Google would go through that much effort to redesign something unless they were serious about moving forward with it.

The action bar in the redesign is colored, like we’ve seen in other apps. The bottom content bar where you post updates and upload pictures is also gone in favor of a circular button that handles content creation. The circular button looks much cleaner than what we currently have, and tapping it opens up a floating pane for writing out content as opposed to bringing you to a brand new page, which is a nice change.

Still no word on exactly when we can see these redesigns hit the Google apps, if they’re going to be implemented at all. Keep your eyes out for any more leaks in the next few days.

source: Yoel Kaseb

via: Android Police

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