Google may be returning to your living room with Android TV


Google TV is long gone, but Android TV may be resurrecting Google’s plans to own your living room. The Verge has obtained documents that spill the beans on what Google plans to do with Android TV. It is nothing like Google TV since Android TV is merely an interface to sit over a display and not an actual platform. So Android TV will be more like Apple TV, Roku, and even the new Amazon Fire TV. Android, of course, can be found at the core.


As we speak, Google is informing developers that the interface should be very simple for a set-top box. Cards, like the ones used with Google Now, are a massive component of the interface. Cards will scroll by, filled with movies, TV shows, applications, and games.

Everything is controlled by a remote that has a directional pad. Aside from this four-way directional pad, The Verge notes that the “controller will also have Enter, Home, and Back buttons to help get around” in addition to a gaming controller. If this sounds at all familiar, it is because Amazon’s Fire TV also has an optional gaming controller. If you do not want to use a remote, Android TV will support voice commands.

Where Google wants Android TV to be different is the presentation of content. Rather than being a portal to other services, Android TV will be ready to present a user with things they would want to watch. Also, something played on a phone or tablet should transfer over to the big screen with Android TV.

The Verge reached out to Google, but the company declined to comment. If history is any indication, we should expect to see Android TV debut at Google I/O in June. It should also be interesting to see what Google does with Chromecast, the company’s $35 darling. And will Android TV be the backbone of the rumored Nexus-branded set-top box?

Source: The Verge

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