Will Google ditch Glass?


Google Glass has been around for a couple of years now, but it hasn’t made its way to the general public yet because it’s still in the “testing” phase for developers. Now Google has opened things up a bit more, allowing more people to purchase it, but they are still charging the same $1,500, which isn’t all that affordable.

Google has certainly had their fair share of devices and services they have dropped. Could Google Glass be one of them? It’s doesn’t seem plausible to me, but Robert Scoble is starting to wonder that in his latest Google+ post. It all started with the fact that Larry Page was on stage at TED, and he wasn’t wearing Glass. Is this enough of a reason to think that Google is done with Glass?

I don’t think so, but Mr Scoble goes on to list several other reasons why Glass could be doomed. He says that entrepreneurs are telling him that Google still doesn’t know if Glass should be used for games and augmented reality. He thinks it’s ridiculous that they haven’t come to this conclusion. Again, hardly a reason why Google would ditch Glass. And just to throw my two cents in….Games and augmented reality shouldn’t be the emphasis for Glass. It only has one display. Something like the Epson Moverio BT-200 makes a lot more sense.

Mr Scoble mentions that investors are telling him that they won’t invest until Google provides info on what the price will be when it becomes a consumer product, the timelines for the APIs, and the distribution method. Again, not seeing this as a reason for concern. So Google is taking their time to figure things out. The investors shouldn’t invest until that info comes, but it doesn’t mean that info isn’t coming.

Glass isn’t like smartwatches. People are used to watches. They might not be used to smartwatches, but they are used to wearing a watch and making them smart is a natural fit. Glass adds a whole new dimension. Not only is it a big hurdle to make it something the consumer will want to wear, but there are obviously all kinds of other concerns like privacy. People thought Glass would be out by now, but it’s understandable that Google is taking their sweet time on this one. Is it doomed? Most likely not, but expect it to continue to be very limited for the near future. I don’t see mainstream consumers itching to wear Glass anyway.

source: +Robert Scoble

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