South Korea decides not to label Samsung Galaxy S 5 as a medical device


When the first buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 get their hands on the new device, one gadget they may want to check out will be the heart rate sensor included in the device. Rather than relying on tools like the camera, flash and apps capable of interpreting the data, Samsung went ahead and included a dedicated sensor for users who want to monitor their heart rate, especially when exercising. This small nod toward a portion of their market has the potential to put Samsung in the position of dealing with a slew of regulations related to medical equipment.

In South Korea, the nation’s health agency jumped on Samsung’s new device after it was announced in order to determine whether it falls into a medical equipment category. South Korea has decided that it will not apply the label to the smartphone although technically it does appear to meet the definition included in the current law. The ministry responsible for the review appears to have realized there may be an issue with classifying leisure-oriented consumer devices as medical equipment. Officials indicate they are going to propose revisions to the current laws to ensure the matter is clarified.

Although Samsung dodged a bullet in South Korea, this may give officials in other countries ideas.

source: Yonhap News
via: G for Games