Google’s first physical retail store to open in downtown Manhattan


It’s no secret that Google has been flirting with the idea of opening it’s very own retail store, much like what Apple offers. If you’ve walked in your local Best Buy store, you’ll see a small Google stand that sells Google’s products that are available in the Play Store, thus the idea has always been there for Google. Now there are reports that Google may finally take the plunge into opening an actual store as they are finalizing a lease on a venue  in downtown Manhattan, which just happens to be a mere block away from an Apple store. Residing on 131 Greene St. the venue offers 4,100 square feet of space. We have more pictures below after the break.

What do you guys think? Would an actual physical Google store interest you, or do you prefer Google to stick with the Amazon route and keep in online only? Let us know!

source: TechnoBuffalo

  • Ken

    Since Radio Shack is about to go out of business. Why doesn’t Google buyout Radio Shack at a dirt cheap price and turn all the stores to Google stores.

    • goog

      because Radio Shack is in strip malls, not the image GOOG wants, thank you