Asus TF103 and Asus TF303 leaked


A couple of new Asus Transformer Pads have been leaked, the TF 303 and TF103. Both will look identical to each other except the 103 will be the lower-spec’d version of the 303. The 303 is expected to don Intel’s new Bay Trail processor paired with Android 4.4 KitKat. Both devices will also have a 10.1″ screen with speakers on the front. Not much else is known about these two devices, but you can expect more to come out as time goes by!


source: NoteBookItalia

  • wekebu

    I’ve been looking for a 10″ tablet that will make me stop waiting for the elusive Nexus 10 2014. If the specs continue, maybe. I had the TF101 and loved it until it got long in the tooth.