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Shazam getting major UI overhaul, some improved features


Shazam is working on an update to their music identification app to bring users a new, cleaner interface. This should make it easier to preview, buy, and share songs or TV show information. Shazam is also improving access to lyrics, showing them as soon as a song is matched. Shazam is also improving the speed with which information about broadcast TV shows is displayed.

Other improvements include improvements to recommendations provided by Shazam and more in-depth background information like biographical data and discographies.

Shazam has already rolled out the update to iOS users for both the regular, free version of Shazam as well as the paid Encore version. Shazam says the updates will be rolling out to Android users in the next few weeks. If you don’t have Shazam, you can grab it from the Google Play store so you’ll be ready as soon as the update starts to roll out.

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