Google looking into WiFi app that automatically logs users into Google WiFi hotspots

Google Wifi

Google’s latest attempt at giving you free WiFi is coming in the form of Starbucks’ WiFi hotspots. Starbucks currently uses AT&T’s wireless service to give customers internet access, but Google is internally considering moving to put their own high-speed access into the 7000 Starbucks stores across the US. Google also wants to shorten up the tedious process of finding a hotspot, opening a browser, and accepting terms and conditions before finally being able to actually use the internet.

To accomplish this, Google is testing out an app that cuts that process down. The app would handle all of the encryption and authentication of a Google hotspot, so just by having it installed on your Android or iOS device, you could automatically connect to wireless internet whenever you were in range. 

The app is currently seeing a limited test at Google HQ, so it may never actually see a public release. But considering how much Google is looking to push their fiber internet connections across the US, I think this one has a pretty good chance of making its way onto the Play Store at some point in the future.

source: Engadget

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Jeremy Giles Harlan Ault

    The regional wireless carrier CSPIRE wireless already came out with this app a long while back for android. It’s called WIFI On. It works well.

  • PeterEccles

    The Cloud WiFi network in the UK has been doing this for years by using your devices MAC address. No app, no logon.