Most iPhone users admit “blind loyalty” to Apple when upgrading devices and won’t consider other options


Brand loyalty isn’t a concept unique to smartphones; it’s something pretty much all manufacturers of any consumer product work hard to get from their customers. A recent survey studied iPhone users and asked them if they would consider switching to any other device when it was time to upgrade, and a majority of those users said they were going to stick with Apple’s new iPhone regardless of other phones on the market.

About 78 percent of over 2000 people asked responded that they couldn’t imagine having any other type of phone, and about 52 percent said their reasoning was that they were just very impressed with their current or previous iPhone. 54 percent had previously owned an iPhone.

The reasons for staying loyal to Apple were varied, including being used to iOS, wanting to keep Apple services to stay in touch with friends and family, and believing the iPhone was the best fit for them. Overall, the survey highlighted that Apple consumers show quite a bit of blind loyalty to their devices and switching to an Android device just isn’t an option for them.

Most consumers are always going to want whatever device fits their needs and is the easiest to use, and generally consumers are happy to stick with a brand that they’ve had positive experiences with. Apple does a good job of that, so these numbers aren’t surprising. It would be pretty interesting to see how these numbers would differ if you asked consumers about other devices, like Samsung or LG phones.

Are you blindly loyal to your smartphone manufacturer, or do you prefer to shop around whenever it’s time to get a new device? Let us know in the comments.


About the Author: Jared Peters

Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC gaming, Lenovo's Moto Z line, and a good productivity app.

  • brian

    Iphone is just for users that only want the same car model with just a little change, android are for people who want a different car model, different sizes and performance

  • vwfan

    Blind loyalty assumes that there is no good reason to get the item or that the alternatives way outpace the current item. here your article cites reasonable arguments as to why someone would stay with a product they like and will continue to use.

  • geraldshields

    “Blind Loyalty” is just a code word for proponents of Android who are frustrated with iPhone users who (1) Won’t switch and (2) Can’t find a good reason to.

    • Craig Davison

      They can’t find a good reason because they cannot comprehend… for want of a better word, the benefits that come with other platforms! When something feels familiar and easy and you have no desire for something to be easier then why switch… until you experience something easier and then it clicks!

      As for won’t, that is the result of blind loyalty! To say I won’t regardless of what the alternative is, is just being loyal! I personally know 12 people at least that have made the switch (iOS to Android) and all but one will never go back, they all admit now that they were blinded by the brand and all bar that one say they couldn’t see how it could be easier or better before….until they bit the bullet.

      A really simple example is: I like it because I can use iMessenger to speak to all my friends…. that are on iOS them selves! but then when you consider that globally iOS accounted for less than 20% of the market share it seems counter intuitive because now you have to use something else to talk to the majority of people that don’t have access to iMessenger. The reality is they probably use somet like WhatsApp that is device agnostic more often than not so the argument is really null and void.

      Then I hear so many people complain about iTunes. On Android we have no need for any such thing, everything is cloud based. Granted you can use Amazon MP3 and Google Play and the like to access your music in a similar fashion to how you can on Android with iOS but because of Apple’s anti competitive nature buying music (cheaper music) from one of these services is convoluted. On Android if you ain’t happy with a service you move on without having to completely change your entire ecosystem (change platforms).

      Again, the dialer on iOS people are happy with… until you show them, well, any phone made in the last 20 years that has a T9 dialer, which Android has! and on top of that in the latest version, there is the ability to dial numbers that aren’t yet in your phone book…from the phone book. There is no need to go to the web browser or SIRI or any other app, you just launch the dialer, start typing the name of the business you want to call and the number is found for you.

      People are happy with iOS and maybe that is all that really matters but they are happy because they are so blinded by their loyalty to that brand that they cannot even consider the thought of switching, to explore what else there is.

      To say iOS users are Blinded by Loyalty is not a sign of frustration but a simple observation!

      • Travis Sexton

        “and all but one will never go back.” Umm…. irony?

  • JPB

    ….which is fine, by the way. Why is this so awful to consider when people swear by other brands for things too, from cars to refrigerators to gin?

    Smartphones are commodities anyway. They all do about the same set of core, everyday functions. Who cares if someone wants to use iPhone or Android or even Windows or Blackberry? Live and let live. So long as there’s competition, it’s all good.

  • Travis Sexton

    Hmmm. I think the comparison to Samsung or LG is not quite the right one. People who want iOS don’t have manufacturers to choose from. It’s the platform they’re tied to. In that sense, I’ve spent enough time on Google+ to know that the “blind loyalty” regarding platform goes both ways. ;-)

  • einstein812

    I was a loyal iPhone fan and owned every model since the first one came out in 2007. What made my allegiance even stronger was the ability to jailbreak the phone and add many more features but there was always the dependency on a jailbreak release. Then I played with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and realized that it offered so much more than the iPhone and there were no limits to what you can do with the Android operating system because all of the features that Apple prevents you from having are built into Android and the available tweaks are limitless. Not to mention the awesome screen size. Needles to say, I chose technology over loyalty and would switch back if Apple came out with the next big thing.

  • thisguy

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Majority of iPhone users won’t change because they are use to the iPhone. If you give each of them a android device for a week and let them use it and see what all they can do I bet they would probably switch. I use to be a iPhone finatic jailbreaking and all that was cool until I jumped on the android ship and saw all the stuff android offered over iOS. You just have to let people see what they are missing.

    I have started to see lots of people switch to android tho. In fact in my college class 2 days ago a guy had a iPhone and everybody in the class was like android is better. One guy who use to have a iPhone said he couldn’t wait to get rid of that sh#t lol. I didn’t even realize they knew what android was! My pastor and his wife even have galaxy s4’s!

    I think lots of people are starting to see what android has to offer.

  • Hk Singh

    I-brain wash

  • julian

    Ahaha blind loyalty they call it. It is call TRUST people.. it is trust that is deeply embedded into our human DNA, and it`s a rare, treasured feeling that people will pay for.

  • Geoffrey Rockwell

    Wow…I suppose the brand loyalty “thing” is much more rampant than I thought… I do understand that because generally in life I have found that people have a VERY difficult time being objective about ANYTHING because of so many biases, misinformation, mental laziness…ouch!…and also not having the wherewithall to be able to THINK INDEPENDENTLY at all…it really is true… For example I will use myself. I started out as an Ericson man, then went to Nokia, 5 different motorola iterations, an iphone 4s, and finally and presently my absolute favorite so far…my HTC ONE! However all of this blah-blah not withstanding, I shall continue to “edge-a-muh-kate” myself so that the mobile phone purchases that I make in the future will continue to be based on an “unfettered mind”