Google+ Photo Editor updated with HDR Scape and Zoom

Google plus photo

Google+ has been improving its built-in photo editor piece by piece over the past few months, and just today the social network added HDR Scape and Zoom functionality.

With HDR Scape, you can apply high dynamic range effects to any picture with just one click. It’s extremely simple and adds a really nice touch to your images.

With zoom, you can use the magnifying glass to zoom in and out, without sacrificing resolution.

To test out the new features, just head over to any one of your Google+ photos in Chrome, and click on “Edit.” You may not be able to access the features yet because they are rolling out in cycles, but they should be available to everyone relatively soon.

Source: +Andre Meyer

  • fredphoesh

    all very nice, but the ALBUM organisation on Google+ is PATHETIC! every hangout makes a new album, you cannot organise, sort, filter, ORGANISE… it is really bad… so please google, focus on the basics.