SkyTunes comes to Android, powered by Adobe AIR

esDot Development studio, makers of the Adobe air application SkyTunes, has formally announced the app in a press release issued yesterday. SkyTunes allow you to stream your entire music collection from your desktop computer to your Android phone, so you can take your music with you wherever you go without taking up all of your phone’s storage.

The app actually comes in two parts, a Server and a Client. To use SkyTunes, you must install the Server client on your desktop computer to be able to stream your music library. The client app is what you install on your phone, which is what you use to access the music you are streaming.

It requires you to open up a port on your router if you’re behind a firewall, but otherwise it’s pretty easy to set up and works quite well.

Continue after the break for the full press release.

EDMONTON, Oct 26, 2010 – esDot Development studio is happy to
officially announce SkyTunes. SkyTunes is an AIR for Android
application that lets you bring your home music collection with you,
anywhere you go, with no uploading required!

SkyTunes consists of two AIR Application, the Server and Client. By
installing SkyTunes Server on a desktop computer, or laptop, users
turn it into a mini-HTTP server. They can then use SkyTunes Client
from their Android handset to connect to their Server, pulling down
their entire music collection in seconds. SkyTunes works over WiFi, or
3G networks.

SkyTunes supports many advanced features, including:

* Remote Desktop Control, toggle playback (mid-song) between
computer and phone with ease!
* Auto-caching of Songs to SD, configurable from 0 – 500 songs.
* “Car” Display Mode
* Screen Lock
* Quick search
* Playlist Support
* Folder based browsing

In addition to it’s advanced feature set, SkyTunes uses the power of
AIR to create an absolutely beautiful user experience. Scrolling has
been heavily optimized, easily supporting lists of over 10,000 items,
no pausing, no delays, no loading. Advanced UI is present throughout
the entire application, with an extreme focus placed on maximizing the
touch experience and promoting ease of use.

SkyTunes Server can be installed on Windows, OSX and Linux Machines.
SkyTunes Client is limited to Android at the moment, although
BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone 7 versions are coming very soon.

  • Ben

    OR, if you don’t have 2.2 (froyo) yet try Audiogalaxy. I’m only on 2.1, and just started using AG and very impressed.

  • tom p

    too bad the links dont work and ya cant get the app for the phone, even on market, even on skytunes’ site

  • underpants

    @tom p. I totally agree the app has disappeared of the face of the earth.